Dance of the Erotic Heart Creation Myth

The Dance of the Erotic Heart has its roots in ancient goddess cultures who revered sexuality as the lived expression of divine creation. One of these many cultures was the Vestal Virgins who tended to the passion of life through caring for the fire of Vesta as well as cultivating the healing powers of the inner flame of our passionate life force energy, our sexual energy.

These Virgins were not virgins in the modern sense of never having had vaginal intercourse, but rather the ancient sense of never giving one’s self to another. They were women unto themselves and their sexuality was not bound to any authority other than their own ( Thus, in fully owning and containing their own energy they were able to help others heal using the most powerful energy in the world; the creative life force energy pulsing thorough our veins and driving us into intimate connection that perpetuates the species.

Without any repression of their own sexuality, the healing exploration contained a full of sexual experience from eye gazing to intercourse, it was a deeply intimate and often hands-on journey through every sensation that arrises during the scope of lovemaking.

This sexual healing practice is the ancestor of Dance of the Erotic Heart (The Chronicle). However, due to the ways that sexuality is confined, strictly defined, and often suppressed in our culture, the safest container to begin exploring the full range of sensation that arises throughout the process of love making is actually one that does not include direct sexual pleasure.

The healing we experience through witnessing or participating in erotic dance that is held within a sacred container is every bit as potent as the sexual healing of ancient times, for in both practices the participants are invited to become fully in touch with all aspects of our own pleasure as we learn how to learn from and nourish even the most uncomfortable of sensations as we expand our capacity for ecstasy.